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Staged Above guarantees your home will be in a better selling position to receive top offers quickly.

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Williamsport, MD

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Real Estate Investors/ Builders

Pre-Rehab Design Consults for Real Estate Investors

We will help you pick out anything and everything you want. We stay up-to-date on current trends and know exactly what you need to do in order to get the most from your flip! Its all about defining the target buyer for that specific property.


Paint Color Selections include exterior and interior paint colors . We will send you paint color selections within 48 hours of visiting the property.

Paint Color Selections & Interior Design finish suggestions.  

Price depends on your specific needs and time involved.

Should you choose to have us stage your property once it is ready to go on the market, the credit will go towards the Staging Package.

Please see Vacant Home Staging for more info


Home Builders

We offer affordable staging for model and spec homes with flexible rates on the monthly staging fee. Having Staged Above come in is more affordable than having an interior designer do a full model home and can still accomplish the goal of getting that buyer to mentally unpack.  We can do as few or as many spaces in the home as you would like.